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‘It’s not the one pest you see, it’s the thousands you don’t.’

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Pests are harmful tiny little creatures that intrude into our spaces without our
knowledge. They are easily unnoticed but the damages caused by them are often hard to repair or retrieve. Constant supervision and maintenance are necessary to ward off these little beings. Don’t panic, Western Pest Control is here to get you out of this, safe and secure.

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    We care for you and the places you love. We believe it’s our responsibility to develop
    the best solutions to protect your abode and surrounding from pests. Using ultra-modern technology, we ensure to build a fence that prevents pests from entering your space. Be it bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, ants, or any of that kind we promise you to destroy them in the most effective way.


    Western Pest Control and cleaning services is a renowned pest control agency in Abu Dhabi. We offer to help you solve your pest problems by giving expert advice and services. We know pests like rats, moths, beetles, and some birds like pigeons cause great damage to your industrial spaces, factories, workshops, warehouses, etc. But we have tested and proven products and techniques to destroy them forever.

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    Pests like rodents, white ants, cockroaches, and flies easily enter crowded establishments like hotels, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, and parks. Once they get in, they slowly grow into larger groups and contaminate the food we consume and the spaces we interact. This causes the spread of many contagious diseases. We pride ourselves on being experts in this field and assure you that we will help you out of this